Wednesday, June 10, 2009

and I thought I had some real estate moments to talk about

Well, here is an interesting news article that I stumbled upon while enjoying my coffe this morning....Realtors all have some good stories to tell about things that they have seen, or experiences in the line of duty....but let me just say that I am glad that I was not this seller's Realtor holding their home open.... this is a story I haven't heard before

Open house to open for Winchester homeowners' comfort.

The good news is there is a follow up article the next day explaining things

Some people clearly have way too much time on their hands ;-) Well, so much for my mornings amusement...


  1. Oh man, those rascally nieghbors must have been worried about the evidence they left behind....

  2. LOL, I can not even imagine being this poor Realtor that got the late night phone call from his sellers. I don't think I would have seen the amusement in this, even after the fact.