Friday, August 28, 2009

Have you heard-Cherry City Derby Girls will be at the Oregon State Fair-the first roller derby event ever at the fair.

FIRST TIME EVER FAIR EVENT FEATURING OUR LOCAL CHERRY CITY DERBY GIRLS!! If you are interested in something besides corndogs and fry bricks this will want to check this out!! This is a first time event. Here is an brief summary-you can visit their facebook page to confirm attendance and get all of the information!!

To commemorate and celebrate their upcoming first public bout (on October 10th), the CHERRY CITY DERBY GIRLS and the Culture Shock Community Project are hosting, not one, but TWO ALL STAR Multi-League All-Girl Roller Derby Scrimmages at the Oregon State Fair on LABOR DAY!!

On MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH, skaters from all over the Northwest will be converging in Salem Oregon to give you two full-fledged derby blowouts!!

See you at the Fair!!


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